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Ms. Fluffster

Fluffster 1_edited.jpg

She is a super smart little girl with the fluffiest of coats! She is a ball of energy and likes to do zoomies around the yard!

She was the first one to open her eyes as a baby at barely 2 weeks old.

You are in serious trouble if you think you can say no to her soulful eyes!

Ms. Mango

A.k.a. Ms. Eyebrows

Started life as a brown little potato, now has eyebrows to die for and a serial cuddler.

She has quite a balanced little personality and loves to follow her siblings around. Is often found asleep in her kennel when the rest of her sibs are playing. 

Mango 1_edited.jpg

Ms. Grey

Houdini 1_edited.jpg

A.k.a. Houdini 

She has a beautiful gradient grey coat with tan and white markings and is a dead ringer for her Daddy.

Although the smallest of her sibs, she is the most confident little girl! Loves to explore, at times perilous to her own health!

Ms. Poppy

Poppy like the flower

The biggest girl of the group, with a quick tail that wags whenever she sees a hooman or her mamma.

She has the most beautiful black and white coat almost like a jersey cow.

Has a BIG appetite.

Poppy 1_edited_edited.jpg
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