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Manjushree Flaming Sword Pin

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  • In Nepal, Manjushri is credited with having created the Kathmandu valley, by cutting through the surrounding mountains at Chobar Gorge with his sword, thereby draining the lake which filled the valley. 


    According to legend the 'self-created' hill of Swayambhu, which emerged as the waters receded, is the site from where Nagarjuna received the Prajnaparamita Sutra from the guardianship of the nagas.


    The flaming sword of Manjushri is sealed with a vajrahandle and Manjushri's syllable, Dhih, and represents the discriminating wisdom that realises emptiness. Its sharp double edge represents the indivisibility of relative and absolute truth; it's fine point, the perfection of wisdom; and its fiery vajra-flames which emanate to the ten directions, the blazing of the wisdom-awareness fire of full enlightenment.