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Shakti Earrings

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  • Gods and Goddesses in most Hindu cultures are shown with multiple arms. Each hand holds a specific weapon or shows a ‘mudra’ that represent an idea or narratives of their personal strengths. It also defines them as being more superior to humans.


    ‘Shakti’ which literally translates to strength, is a virtue reflected in the power of the various goddesses we worship. However, to gain only equal respect to men, women through the ages have had to constantly fight. A struggle that is still ongoing. 


    So, women come to acquire shakti early on in life. It could be the circumstances of their life, or just the idea of being born a woman. 


    These earrings symbolically show numerous arms of a Goddess. They are a dedication to all women who are and have had  juggling various roles in their lives. You are a true goddess. You deserve love and respect. Together we will achieve it.  More ‘shakti’ to you and those helping you in your journey.