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Vajra Cufflinks

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Color: Sterling Silver
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  • 'The ancient Rigveda, identifies Indra’s vajra as a notched metal club with a thousand prongs. Further ancient sources identify the vajra as having open prongs, unlike the Buddhist dorje, which has closed prongs.

    According to legend, Buddha took the vajra weapon from Indra and forced its wrathful open prongs together, thus forming the peaceful Buddhist sceptre with closed ends, absorbing and sealing within the unbreakable and indestructible power of the thunderbolt.

    The vajra is the quintessential symbol of Vajrayana Buddhism, which derives its name from the vajra itself. This is the supreme path of Buddhism, the Thunderbolt or Diamond Wisdom.

    The true meaning of the vajra or dorje is far more comprehensive than merely being a thunderbolt sceptre-weapon of some local god.

    The dorje represents the highest spiritual power, that which is irresistible, invincible, indestructible and inexhaustible — free from conflicting emotions.' Text by: Thomas Joseph Brown